Step 7 Humbly asked Him to Remove Our Shortcomings


What are my fears about working step 7? Am I afraid that having defects removed will leave a void in me? How can I move past my fears in working this step?

I have no fears about working this step. I believe that I have been humbly asking God to remove my character defects, my self will and my fears for months now. I have been including this in my daily prayer. I am totally ready to move on, to grow and step away from the pain of my past.

How has my Higher Power already worked in my Life? What can I learn from this?

My Higher Power has been a strong visible sense and guided me in ways that I can not question that it was my God in about 4 or 5 times. Each of those incidents have changed the course of my life in a positive and drastic way. I have been eternally grateful for when God takes over and things just fall into place.

My Higher Power is working in my daily life in a little more of a subtle way. I hear songs when I need an answer or an insight. I have thoughts that seem random but connect the dots of my life. I am encountering fears and moments that bring about self-awareness and healing, even if the process hurts.

I am aware that I am being guided and if I will listen and trust the answers will come. I know the answers are always there but sometimes I get in my own way of seeing/hearing or feeling them.

My Higher Power brought me to my knees and desperate and then guided me to S Anon. It was only through accepting that I was broken and could not fix myself that I was able to reach out and accept help from others and my Higher Power.

Everything in my life always seems to work out for the best even when in the moment I am filled with fear, doubt and anxiety. Somehow there is always enough money to pay the bills, to eat and do what I need. Somehow there is always the right person, the right situation or the right opportunities that will make the transition I am going through make sense.

It has lead me to a belief that sometimes things we deem as bad need to happen in order to make room for the good to happen. It is when I am holding onto my belief on how something should be, instead of accepting that a gift is coming that I suffer the most. My Higher Power has shown me that if I trust the process will be easier and smoother on me but whether or not I trust and make things easier, the process will still happen. I am powerless to change the process or control the outcomes. I am only powerful when I work within the process instead of attempting to create my own world power.

How do I understand “Humbly asked Him”? Is there anything about my understanding of “Humbly” that is holding me back? How can I become Teachable?

Humbly asked Him means to me to go to God in prayer with an open heart and mind. I do not ask God for what I want but instead ask for the insights, the knowledge and courage to follow God’s plan and flow. I ask God to reach out to others like my husband, my S Anon members, all addicts and those who love addicts so that they may find their healing through God’s love.

Humbly to me means that I do not profess to know better and ask for what I want. I ask for the ability to accept what is, to have the courage and fortitude to grow and expand but not force my will on God, my world or my own life.

I do not believe that I am confused or held back by the word humbly. I have found a peace in Letting Go and Letting God. I just have to sometimes remind myself that I am not in control.

I can only become teachable through my surrendering to God. If there are character defects, fears or self will in the way of my being teachable than I have to surrender them to God and ask that he remove what is in the way. I practice that prayer and that surrender daily. What is mine to learn and what is mine to teach, is not up to me. I have completely and fully accepted that.

I am learning to trust that what is being presented to me is in fact what I need in that moment or what someone else needs. Sometimes I am used in God’s will that I have no idea about. I am trusting that when things happen and I don’t understand that it is usually not for me to understand but I was a part in someone else’s plan.

What is my role in this step? What is my Higher Power’s role? How does the slogan “Let Go and Let God apply for this step?

My role is surrender daily through prayer.

My role is to accept my life, my situations, my feelings and my outcomes are all happening for my greatest good. I have to trust that if I am being brought to something, then it is for my own evolution.

My role is recognize when self-will is in play and surrender it to God immediately.

My Higher Power’s role is everything else. My God is my power to my personal evolution. My God is the power for the world’s evolution. There is a reason and a plan that is happening like the grass growing out of the snow or the leaves budding on the trees. It is happening without any seen power but it is all powerful. Without understanding the circle of life or universal laws, they still apply with or without my understanding or participation. My life is like that too.

I am learning to Let Go and Let God by trusting this process and asking for God to remove anything that I put in the way. I have consciously chosen to embrace and be part of this process. I have consciously chosen to flow with God.

As I reflect on my 6th step, what shortcomings can I bring to my Higher Power? What are some positive characteristics with which God might replace the defects? For example, perhaps identifying with others could replace judging others. What are some specific ways I can be willing to practice these positive traits?

Shortcoming to Bring to My Higher Power Positive Characteristics God Might Replace With

  • Fear

  • Faith
  • Trust


  • Control
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Insecurities
  • Self Awareness
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Self Will
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Over Indulgence
  • Self-Awareness
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Judging
  • Acceptance

I can practice developing faith in my Higher Power and Trust in the process through prayer and meditation. I can practice acceptance of what is and stop trying to control my world and environment. I can continue to ask God daily to deepen my faith and trust and guide me in my life.

I can develop my self-awareness through continually working the program, reading self-help books, attending seminars and conferences and journaling. I can take my self-awareness and surrender it to God. I can ask God to help me become more self-aware.

What words or means of communication can I use to ask God to remove my shortcomings? Have I asked my sponsor or ANOTHER PROGRAM MEMBER about their expereince with this step?

My daily prayer is this:

Dear God,

Thank you for __________.

Today, as every day, I surrender to you my life, my marriage, my family and my work, all that I am and all that I will become.

I ask God to open my heart and fill it with God’s love, cast out the fear, self-will and character defects that prevent me from living within God’s love. Help me to live from a place of your love, think from your love and act from your love.

Dear God, I ask that you open my eyes so that I may see what I need to see, open my ears so that I may hear what I need to hear, help me to do what I need to do, learn what I need to learn and teach what is mine to teach. Help me to live in your flow and your love. Guide me today as to how I may be of service.

No I have not asked any other members about their experience with this step but I will bring it up. I am afraid that no one in my group has gone through this step yet. I will be discussing this with another member.

As I surrender my defects to God, what other shortcomings are coming to the forefront for me? Am I ready to have them removed?

I find that I am judging others and their recovery. If someone is not living within recovery as I have deemed it to be I am becoming very intolerant. My intolerance is fear based, afraid of their reality may become mine and that I am only a small step away from where they are. This intolerance, judgment and fear can easily take me my old habits and thoughts which are very self destructive.

I am ready to have God remove from any and all character defects, the ones that I am aware of and the ones that I am not, the new ones that surface and the hidden ones. I am ready for God to remove from me all that prevents me from living within my Highest self and God’s love.

As I have worked this step, have I kept a balanced view of myself and my character, understanding that making mistakes and experiencing the mistakes of others is a part of the human condition? Is it ok for me to make mistakes?

Yes it is ok for me to make mistakes. I take responsibility and try to learn from them. My mistakes do bring up emotional feelings and fears that I find difficult for me to deal with. Some of them make me embarrassed can take me quickly to a shamed place in my mind where I am not good enough or loveable. Those are very difficult emotions for me to deal with.

How has my HIgher Power’s actions in my life through step 7 changed me?

I find that I can see myself clearer and not go directly into self-destructive patterns. I can divert my old habits by recognizing the signs and going directly to my Higher Power. I began working this step immediately after one of these episodes and praying for guidance. I was able to take a big pain and trigger for me and use it as fuel to do my own inner work and program work. Obviously that was my Higher Power’s plan for me today.


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