My Blog Is Moving


I have been asked by S Anon WSO to remove S Anon from my blog title. Out of respect for the organization and all the help they have provided to so many people, I have consented.

My blog address and name will remain the same except the word S Anon has been removed. I am in the process of moving all my posts, all your comments and the history of healing that has been created here to:

I hope we can continue to create healing, community and remove the sense of isolation that comes from keeping secrets.

I want to thank everyone who has been reading my blog, who have commented and those who have become like family to me. I especially want to thank those who have silently read and suffered in silence.

I hope and pray that my opening my heart and sharing my experiences, thoughts and actions give some relief to others. I know that I have received so much healing from you and knowing that when I pour my heart out in this vast expanse of the universe called the internet, that I am met with love and acceptance. I can’t begin to share how incredibly healing that has been for me.

See on the other side of this blog.

Virtual hugs,



5 Responses to “My Blog Is Moving”

  1. 1 Frank

    I read dismay the comments of those opposed to your very clear and respectful intent for this blog. It is petty that one should oppose something that is open and based in honesty, truth and moreover, without any harmful intent or implication.

    You have given a voice to the voiceless, a forum to share and find solace. One aspect of our great common sufferings is the sense of isolation and aloneness that we individually face. You have provided us through this blog, a refuge and great comfort by letting us know we are not alone.

    Reading and writing about our experiences is purely about healing. Personally I find it away to cleary express truth and fact, i.e. reality of my own experience. I’m sure that for many it is the same.

    I find it ludicrous that S-Anon feels somehow violated or that this simple blog somehow is coutnerproductive to the S-Anon organizational purpose.

    • Frank,

      Thank you for understanding the purpose and intent that I have had for this blog. There was never any malice only a desire to end the secrecy and find a way to reach out to others who were hurting as I am.

      While I disagree with S Anon’s decision to ask me to remove the S Anon from my blog address, I respect the tradition of principles above personalities. I do not want to take my beliefs and opinions and pit them against an organization that has been so important in my recovery. I do not want to take the attention away from how healing and helpful this blog has been and make it into a political statement where I could easily get lost in justifications, feeling of being a victim or any other of my character defects that could easily get triggered by a fight.

      So I am blogging at my address – The title is the same with just the sanon word removed.

      All of my blogs and comments have transferred over. I don’t know if those who subscribed will automatically be transferred and they may need to resubscribe.

      Please keep a part of the community and the discussion by joining me there.

      Wishing you peace and recovery.

  2. 3 Patti

    Kudos to you, my friend, for taking the high road. I don’t care what your bog is titled or where it resides in the geography of the Internet; I am with you and this loving community you have created.

    This “situation” triggered many painful memories for me of bullies, young and old, in my past. It made me want to fight back, to hurt back, to stand up for all that’s right and wrong. Oddly enough, it stirred up the same feelings and reactions that I have so often experienced when I was living with an active sex addict. 

    But now, I want to thank the reader who brought this controversy to light. It has given me an opportunity for fearless introspection–a deep look at my character defects, feelings, and reactions. 

    In essence, it was a gift for personal growth.

    And what I take away from all of this is the reality that my feelings were NOT triggered by sex addiction. Instead I was triggered by someone else’s behavior; someone I dont even know! I can’t blame sex addiction this time. These were two different situations that caused the same type of reaction in me. What’s the common denominator? Me.

    This has been a perfect lesson for my current Fourth Step work. From “S-Anon Twelve Steps”:

    “It is important not to condemn ourselves and not to despair about any negative characteristics we may uncover. Most of us already suffer from excessive feelings of guilt, but all human beings have character defects. Heaping blame upon ourselves is not the way out of our difficulties. Also, let us not take the blame for what others do. As we work our program we will see that our shortcomings become assets, and we will find serenity” (41).

    I’m not sure how this character defect can become an asset. Maybe the lesson is more about being able to understand and identify what’s going on within me that prevents me from experiencing serenity.

    I don’t have the answers, but I am present and trusting the process. And that is growth for me!

    Such a long post and I had no idea this would dovetail with my Fourth Step work! 

    Thanks, Mysa, for giving us this place to be and to practice these principles in all aspects of our lives.

    Happy Hoildays to all!

  3. 4 Ryan Guthrie

    Thank you for your email. Sorry to bother again but the new web address you gave me doesn’t open up at all. Is it correct? I would like to check out your new site and speak with you. I’ve been going through dealing with this with my partner and I’m finding it difficult. Thank you.

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